TMK-ARTROM – Slatina 230119 Olt, Romania. ARTROM was founded in 1982 and started its production in 1988. After 1992 the company modernized its technology and installed high performance equipment in key areas within the company. Through such process, ARTROM achieved a high improvement in its product quality. At the same time the dimensional range (outside diameter and wall thickness) was increased. As a result, our products are today exported to over 30 countries worldwide and ARTROM has become a leader in mechanical tube production in the domestic market. Starting with March 1-st, 2006, TMK-ARTROM became a member company of the second largest tube producer in the world — TMK Group. The products manufactured by ARTROM can be classified under the following groups:
  • mechanical tubes for general engineering purposes or mechanical applications;
  • precision tubes for mechanical and automotive industry;
  • seamless tubes for boilers and high temperature service;
  • linepipes with plain ends for oil/gas industry, conveying gas and oil or construction of long distance pipe lines for liquid combustible and gas;
  • coupling stock used in coupling production;
  • green pipes for tubing and casing or ball bearing tubes;

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